88km Imsswane – Essaouira

The kids return to say good morningOnce again we had a peaceful night of wild camping, something we’d really recommend in Morocco as there are so rarely any problems and the sites you can find are so beautiful compared to the campgrounds. The morning silence was soon broken, however, by the return of the kids on their way to school, eager to greet us again and touch everything in sight. Trying to pack up a tent with six kids inside it just doesn’t work, we can tell you!

Eventually they all ran off to school and we got the bikes together, going just a short distance to the town of Tamanar where we got a second coffee with Kristian. He actually seemed more keen to find a decent cake, which we suppose must be a German trait. It seems every time we meet some Germans they pull a cake out of one pocket or the other or find a bakery with bloodhound-like accuracy.

Morning snack breakThe three of us cycled together for most of the day, until we pulled over to run behind some bushes for a pee and he carried on ahead. He’d talked about wild camping for a second night just outside Essaouira and we were more interested in a shower at the nearest campground, so we were going our separate ways. It’s just too bad we didn’t get his address, so Kristian if you are reading this, please get in touch!


  1. andrew
    7th March 2007 at 12:48 pm #

    N1 – The road offers plenty of hills between Agadir and Essaouira but they are mostly of a manageable size and not too hard. The climbs around Tamri come to mind as an exception and there was one killer climb just before Smimou. Lots of towns en route offer restaurants, cafes and shops. We saw a couple campgrounds within the first 30km or so from Agadir and another was marked as being on the road to Pointe Imessouane. For Essaouira, there is a campground just 2km before the town.

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