78km Temara-Plage to Ahfayfah

AhmedAs we wind down our last days in Morocco, we have once again been fortunate to experience the hospitality of local people. We’d spent most of our day working our way through a string of large towns – Rabat, Sale and Kenitra – before finally finding a small road through a predominately agricultural area. Late in the afternoon we were searching for a wild camping spot, debating between a field to our left, sheltered with trees but near a motorway, and a village to our right where we could see plenty of space around the houses. A tractor rolled up and a young man jumped off. Speaking perfect French (always a surprise in rural areas) he asked if he could help and before we knew it we were off to Ahmed’s house. We were warmly welcomed and spent the evening chatting with the family. Ahmed had gone to university to study chemistry and physics but had since returned to the country to work his family’s farm land, where they grew several food crops including bananas, potatoes, tomatoes and peanuts. Near midnight we enjoyed a wonderful chicken stew and finally took our beds in one of the rooms in their home, a real treat compared with the quiet night we had planned in the tent!

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