39km Ahfayfah to Sidi el Hachemi

A future Tour de France cyclist??Friedel and AhmedAfter a late night with our new friends we enjoyed a little bit of extra sleep tucked up warmly in blankets. The Moroccans never leave any chance of getting cold during the night, piling blankets high on top of you. Again we were treated to more hospitality as a breakfast of coffee, eggs, olives and fresh bread appeared in front of us. Later in the morning Ahmed took us for a tour of his farm on the tractor, which turned out to be a bit of a wild ride. With Andrew sitting over the left back tire and Friedel perched on the right side, we held tight as Ahmed stepped on the gas, rolling over sand dunes and dirt tracks. We were amazed at how big his farm was and also at the extent of crops he grows. Bananas, peanuts, tomatoes and potatoes were all in the ground and he told us that they grow vegetables year round using modern techniques; not like the organic but highly labourious ways of growing in the south of Morocco. From the farm we went to the beach and, after about an hour, back to the house where a large couscous was waiting for us. This one was slightly different from others we have eaten. The couscous was mixed with flour, making the grains larger, and the sauce was milk based. We then shared the obligatory tea, before packing up the bikes and making our departure, under some protests from Ahmed that we stay another night. We would have loved to stay but the pressure to get to Tangiers is growing. We don’t have so many days left, just enough in fact plus a tiny margin in case we have a day of strong headwinds or rain.