A $2 Guide To Bicycle Touring

dsc_1319You don’t get much for $2 these days, so when I heard about the Urban Adventure League’s Cycle Touring Primer, I had to check it out.

It arrived in the mail yesterday, just a small book inside a normal envelope, and a flip through its pages confirms my hopes: it’s a mini treasure.

While by no means an all-inclusive guide to bike touring, the Cycle Touring Primer by Shawn Granton entertains with cartoons and doles out plenty of helpful advice like how far to go in a day (“Bicycle touring is not a race…”), how many water bottles to carry (“It’s good to have at least two, three if you can.”) and other helpful tips (“Before you go on your big tour, go on a small one”).

It’s well worth the $2 and you can get your copy by ordering online, or by stuffing $2 in an envelope and sending it to:

Shawn Granton
P.O. Box 14185
Portland, OR

Email: urbanadventureleague at gmail dot com


  1. shawn
    8th February 2010 at 2:08 am #

    Hey, thanks for the review! And I’ll be updating the guide sometime in the near future. Comments, critiques, and suggestions are definitely welcomed and encouraged.
    urbanadventureleague at gmail dot com

    • friedel
      8th February 2010 at 1:44 pm #

      You’re very welcome Shawn. I really enjoyed reading your book, and especially loved the cartoons that go along with it.

  2. adventure!
    30th April 2012 at 8:19 am #

    Hey there again! Shawn here again, aka the author of the Cycle Touring Primer! I’m still making them, though the price has increase a bit: $3 postpaid for US/Canada orders and $4 postpaid for anywhere else in the world. (Price is in US or Canadian dollars.) You can order direct from me at my store where you can pay via Paypal:

    Or order old-fashioned like by enclosing some cash in the mail and sending it to:
    P O BOX 14185
    PORTLAND OR 97293-0185

  3. adventure!
    1st November 2019 at 7:22 am #

    Wow! I forgot about this post. FYI: Still printing and stocking these guides. The best way to get one is to order here: https://urbanadventureleague.storenvy.com/products/14803542-cycle-touring-primer

    You can still order one with cash via post. Send $3 plus $1 shipping in the US, $2 anywhere else in the world to:
    Shawn Granton
    P O Box 14185
    Portland OR 97293


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