Solving A Critical Bike Touring Problem

April 1st, 2010 6 comments

As seasoned bike tourers will know, it can be a problem to find a bathroom when you need one on tour.

That’s why recently we reviewed these peeing devices for women. Some men felt left out though, so we’re happy to announce that now there’s a solution to help both women and men on tour…

Of course, this still leaves the problem of where to put the luggage. Happily, our cycling friends in Western Australia have adapted this idea perfectly for bike touring….

We here at TravellingTwo look forward to sharing pictures from our readers who use this solution on their next tour. And… Happy April Fool’s Day!

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6 Responses to “Solving A Critical Bike Touring Problem”

  1. isabelle says:

    where can I order one of these???

  2. Alan says:

    That actually looks more comfortable than most bike seats I’ve tried. But seriously, maybe you can review some portable bidet devices for us? I’ve thought of getting one for my next tour.

  3. friedel says:

    With batteries??? That has to be an April Fool’s joke, no? What happens if the batteries run out at the wrong moment?

    I’ve never used one of these, but I have travelled in the Middle East and other places where toilet paper is often the 2nd choice compared to just plain water. Aside from maybe controlling the flow of water better, I’m not sure what these ‘bidets’ would do that you couldn’t do just as well with a bit of water from a bottle? We very often used water instead of TP while wild camping, so we didn’t create any garbage that we’d then have to carry out.

  4. morgan says:

    If you want to test the Washmate bidet, I will be happy to send you one. Let me know.

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