Where To Spend the Night On A Bike Tour

The morning after the night beforeHostels are the mainstay of backpackers. Travellers with more cash to spend will splurge on hotels. Where does a bike tourist go? Just about anywhere, in our experience.

We’ve spent nights in fields, behind schools, in mosques and monasteries, on the floor of a Turkish factory, under the disco ball of a Greek bar, in huts used to shade Asian farmers from the midday shade and alongside nomad tents in the high mountains of Central Asia.

Stumbling on these more unusual sleeping spots is one of the things we enjoy about bike touring (great memories are built on nights like these), although there’s often something to be said for the convenience of the more traditional campground or hotel.

Here’s our round-up of all the places you might sleep on a bike tour, from wild camping to hotels and more unconventional options.

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