A Bicycle-Themed Weekend

We’re getting ready to move – just 2 weeks until we have our first night in our new home – and that means amassing things to fill up the home we haven’t had for nearly 4 years.

Of course, we want to do it by bicycle, and that’s easily possible here. We went down to the local bike shop and rented a Bakfiets, or Dutch cargo bike for the weekend.


Once we had the bakfiets, we went to pick up a sofa bed (which we don’t have pictures of because it rained really hard just as we got the sofa loaded on the bakfiets and we cycled quickly home!!) and then later, a fridge. Check out this picture of Andrew….



The fun wasn’t over. On Sunday, we modified a kids bike trailer that we got for free, so that we could carry smaller cargo loads around town. We might use it for touring too. All told, it only cost us about $15.