Make Your Own Tarp For $5

Our homemade tarp, all set up and ready to go!We’ve mentioned many times how tarps are incredibly useful on a bike tour, so imagine our disappointment when we recently discovered our tarp had been misplaced.

We only found this out 2 days before we left to go bike touring in Denmark. What to do?

This post is the story of how we made a new tarp, in just 30 minutes and using only $5 U.S. worth of supplies.

Perfect? No. But a lot better than not having a tarp at all, and surprisingly robust in a night of strong rain and high winds.

Read more about how you can make your own tarp for bike touring.


  1. tdp
    13th September 2010 at 9:28 am #

    For free you can get the wrapping that hardware and lumber stores throw away that is used to cover and protect shipments of lumber like 2x4s. I picked up some and sewed it into a “taco” to throw over my bikes when I’m too lazy to put them into the basement.

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