Made it to Taraz

Ferris wheel ride in ShymkentJust a quick note to let everyone know we made it to Taraz and we’re continuing east to Almaty today. We’d love to bring you photos of some of the beautiful sights from the last few days but unfortunately the internet cafe isn’t helping…. there’s no way we can attach our USB stick so the pictures and journals are stuck firmly offline for the moment. The photo of the ferris wheel came from Shymkent. Today is Kazakh International Day. Instead of celebrating May 1st as Labour Day as in Britain, here Kazakhstan’s 100 nationalities dress up in traditional costumes and hold a parade. It’s a colourful start to our day! When we do get a chance to upload photos we’ll have some beautiful outfits to show you. It could be a few days though. From here we head through an arid part of the country without too many big cities en route.


  1. Ali rezaei
    1st May 2008 at 12:43 pm #

    Hi Friedel&Andrew
    I saw all your kazakhsta photos.I liked them all because I could see the greenery and the people.The weather looks very nice there.Will you cary all the winter clothes with you? Thank you and wishing you a pleasent stay there.

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