CTC Bicycle Bag: The perfect way to fly?

When we have to board a plane with our bicycles, we’ve traditionally packed our bikes in a box but now we’re trying something different: the CTC plastic bicycle bag.

CTC Bicycle Bag

What is it?

  • A heavy duty plastic bag that can be used about 5-6 times before it will probably need to be thrown out.
  • It weighs 800 grams and is 1.27 meters wide x 2.5m long.
  • When folded it can be as small as 2.5 cm x 15cm x 30cm.

It’s affordable, quick to pack (just 15 minutes!), small enough to carry with you on tour and multi-purpose. You can also use it as a groundsheet for your tent.

Continue reading about packing your bicycle for a flight in the CTC bag.

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