Keep Your Camping Dishes Clean With Scrubr: Review & Contest!

June 13th, 2011 48 comments

Scrubr DishclothIt’s hard to work up a lot of enthusiasm for a dishcloth but compared to the disgusting sponges we end up with after a few weeks of bike touring, the Scrubr is a dream.

What makes it different from any other dishcloth?

For a start, this abrasive little piece of nylon and polyester does what it claims. It scrubs away food efficiently, while resisting odors and being easy to clean. That alone is a big improvement over normal kitchen scourers, which get grotty and stinky pretty quickly, in our experience.

It also weighs just 7 grams, and dries completely in just minutes. Even on a cloudy day, it’s dry in less than 5 minutes.

Best of all, the Scrubr costs just $3 U.S.

We tested the Scrubr out extensively at home and were entirely impressed. We thought the Scrubr should get a bike touring workout too, so we gave one to Paula & Rik a few weeks ago and asked for their honest opinion. They said:

“It is nothing short of brilliant. The slight texture of the weave is enough to give the non-stick pans a scrub without damaging the finish, and I’ve given them quite a scrub! I’ve found that food scraps can get caught in the weave but a brief scrub at the end of the wash is enough to remove them. The little elastic loop is perfect for hanging the cloth to dry from a handlebar and it dries in no time. All in all, a top product and we both love using it.”

The company that makes the Scrubr also offers a washcloth called the Trekr. It’s slightly bigger and less abrasive, and the idea is that it’s great for washing off sunscreen and road dirt after a long day of cycling. Since we’ve never carried a facecloth with us on a bike tour (we just splash soapy water over our faces), we’re less convinced of the Trekr’s usefulness but you might find it intriguing.

Both the Scrubr and the Trekr are available from Lunatec, or Amazon carries a 2-pack of the Scrubr and a 2-pack of the Trekr.

*** Win A Scrubr or Trekr! ***

Update: The contest is closed. Look here for the winners.

Lucky you! Lunatec gave us 2 Scrubrs and a Trekr to give away. Want to win one?

Just leave a comment and tell us why you’d like to win one. Enter by 5pm on Thursday, June 16th (European time). We’ll announce the winners on Friday.

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47 Responses to “Keep Your Camping Dishes Clean With Scrubr: Review & Contest!”

    • Nathasja says:

      Because I’m going to cycle Australia for one year, and have still heaps of stuff to do (exams, Master dissertation)and never have been on such a trip before. Since I’m leaving in September, any help with getting my stuff together would be very welcome!!!

    • Cheryl says:

      As soon as our house sells we are off to tour the world!!! Anything to help lighten the load and deal with less ordor is a must try!!! Oh and my hubby claims he is allergic to “stink”!!

  1. Susan says:

    The idea of a cute yellow scrubber almost makes me want to do the washing! I have a tiny bike frame so packing needs to be super concentrate so this sounds like it’s right up my alley. Small efficient and cute.

  2. WilliamNB says:

    When I go camping with my kids it is hard enough keeping the kids clean, let alone a dishcloth!
    I have a bike-camping trip with my son coming up and the Scrubr would help me out enormously!

  3. Craig Turner says:

    I don’t have anything like this yet so I normally just take one of my wife’s dish rags from the kitchen. This always gets me in trouble as I always forget to take it out of my camping gear when I get home. I really like the idea of having a loop on the corner of the wash rag too.

  4. CA says:

    With a solo 3 month self-supported bike trip coming up, I am looking hard for light weight multi-use/multi-purpose items. Not only can I (and will I) use this Scrubr for my dishes, but then I can hang it on the back of my bike to both dry and double as an extra ‘screaming-yellow’ safety flag! Sanitary/Safety first – both in the kitchen and on the road!!

  5. Rebecca says:

    I’m about to leave on a short five day bike camping trip. I’d love to have a lightweight multiuse item like this!

  6. Because we leave on a one-year bicycle trip on July 5th and we are desperately looking for something like Scrubr!! It’s probably too late to order it and receive it in time.

    Tine (Belgium)

  7. Rachel says:

    I think we deserve one because with my sensitivity to food smells, I can smell the stinky sponge smell on my dishes and it does not make for an appetizing meal. This sounds like it could be the cure! Yay!

  8. Doug W says:

    Sponges are gross. My wife purchased one of these for the dishes, then two of the washcloths. I’m not convinced I want the face-scrubber (kind of abrasive!).

    But I do wonder about towels. I’ve long carried a tiny microfiber washcloth that packs up into a 1″x2″ ball and weighs next to nothing (MSR makes it I think) but what about body towels for drying? I have a microfiber towel that I’ve always taken camping, but it seems a bit overkill for bike touring. Thoughts?

    • shazzer says:

      Those microfiber towels are the best for bike-touring, they dry so fast. I have a big one I use especially in the tropics and there is nothing better!

  9. Frosene Sacco says:

    Heading to Vancouver Island on a week long tour! Scrubr would be just perfect! Nothing is better than a clean, clean, scrubbing machine….. ahem. Your hands!! Cleanliness is next to godliness they say! Thanks!!

  10. Doris R says:

    This just might solve one (of several) ongoing “issues” my husband and I have while on tour. I can’t stand the rancid smell of the dishcloth. It would be interesting to see if this makes peace in the family!

  11. seth says:

    I’m starting a two year tour of mexico using only unpaved roads on a very small budget. No eating at restaurants for me! This would make cleanup bearable!! Plus, there’s no way I can find one here.. Cheers!!!

    • shazzer says:

      I hope you will think of eating at roadside stands and night markets! There you will taste Mexico….

    • Doug W says:

      Wow. Sounds like a great trip, but couldn’t imagine going to another country with one of my stated goals being to NOT eat their food. To each his own, I suppose.

      • Seth says:

        Yeah, i don’t think I was clear… Tough I will eat at markets and roadside stands, the vast majority of my meals will be cooked by myself.

        I am from México, so unless something really calls out to me, there’s a chance I’ve eaten it before!

        Plus, I’ve a goal of becoming really proficient in cooking great food while camping!

  12. Tom Allen says:

    I’d love one mainly to keep my wife quiet on the cycle-tour sanitation front!!!

  13. Amaya says:

    I reckon the Scrubr and Trekr set will make washing up 50% faster.

    Now, if I devote just 5 minutes per day instead of 10 to doing the dishes, that will save me 1,825 minutes per year.

    30 extra hours I can devote to pedaling. A whole extra week of progress.

    Yep, I’ve gotta have it.

  14. Elaine Hendrickson says:

    Dishes are always an issue and the more wilderness the trip the more help that is needed. Sounds like this maybe just the item.

  15. Alvaro says:

    It would be a much welcome improvement on my usual cotton cloth! lighter, dries faster and probably looks smarter 😉

  16. Jenn Glover says:

    The Scrubr sounds perfect. Right now my husband and I use a cotton dish cloth on our tours. After a couple days of washing the cloth is permanently wet and smells so terrible neither of us is willing to pack it in our panniers. We end up tying it to a back rack so it can dry out but in turn leaves us smelling stale cloth as we bike all day.

  17. shazzer says:

    The way I figure it, I could use the Scubr on my scaly feet, my road weary leathery elbows, behind my ears in a creek, and the dishes to!
    You two are the cutest! Thank you so much for your site.

  18. Alex says:

    Because we’re leaving for a 6-month ride around Chile and the Scrubr might make life easier on the trip!

  19. John D says:

    I guess it would also solve the issue of having to wear wet underpants everyday having done the dishes.

  20. sarah says:

    My riding partner is a germ-a-phobe (afraid of germs) especially on cookware. This scrubber would be great to keep thing clean and sanitary :)

  21. There once was a cyclist named Peli,
    Who to washing-up said “Not on your nelly!”
    But she’d have no excuse,
    With a Scrubr to use,
    And her dishes’d be far, far from smelly!

    😎 Thanks for a fantastic site, Travellingtwo!

  22. Hi!

    I’m 17 years old and right now I’m finishing of my high school. On the 1st of July I’m starting on the adventure of a lifetime: cycling from Bruges (Belgium) to Melbourne. Nice way to fill in a gap-year, right? :) Only 15 days left, very exiting! I could really use a Scrubr, looks very handy. I hope you can help me out!


  23. Katrien says:

    I would like to have a dish cloth so after cycling on my own, I will have more time in the evening to plan the next days cycle trip.

  24. Niels says:

    With the Scrubr we can do our dishes without producing heaps of stinky old sponges…
    One guilty pleasure less on our trip around Australia!

  25. …Because it is a more sustainable option than using up sponges that end up molding and requiring replacement. Let’s all start using things that last a long time!

  26. Andrew Powell says:

    Every little bit of help is welcome in keeping the other half from being just a wee bit less analy retentive, and the Scrubr will fit the bill nicely whilst cycling, walking and camping!

  27. Julie Lawrence says:

    Could this be the solution to not having easy access to a supply of ‘wonder cloth’ that i beg visitors to bring over when they are visiting from Oz?

    And yes i get excited about dish cloths!

  28. Robyn Dickey says:

    Would love to win the “wonder cloth” for our next cycling trip in Europe next year – will be so much better than using my fingernails to clean the “sticky” rice left in the frying pan!

  29. Alan Shea says:

    Wow what a great idea, Maggie and I are going to cut up some old bike rims that toured the world and we might need a SCRUBR to wash our hands (paws)after the dirty work. Had a great visit with you both and see ya again soon–Alan

  30. Pat Evans says:

    I am geting ready for a 5 week tour this summer and the chance to have a dry, non-smelly cleaning cloth sounds to good to be true. I going to be wild camping for at least half of the ride so doing laundry will be a luxury. And weighing almost nothing would be a bonus.

  31. donna says:

    I could use one to clean my dishes, of course. That’s the most obvious reason. But winning one would also save me $3, and that’ll go toward supplies for the really great meal I’ll cook that I’ll need the Scrubr for when I’m done sharing my tempeh stir fry with all the other new camper friends I’ll make on my Big Summer Adventure Around California.

  32. sehsuan says:

    it’s gonna be one of those “oh shucks, i’ve should have had one of them” items in the camping/bike touring kits that everyone ought to have, while qualifying for a knack of ultralight utilitarian lifestyle. heck, it doesn’t even need to be used ONLY in an outdoor situation, which means a lowered TCO (total cost of ownership) and would outlast others who will carry a regular sponge and maybe even an abrasive steel wool scrubber!

    • Erik says:

      (Think Row-Row-Row your boat jingle)
      Scrub, scrub, scrub-a-dub,
      Then just rinse it clean!
      Hang it up and take a nap,
      Touring’s but a dream!!

      My very first job was a dish washer.
      I hated it.
      It was a huge Italian Diner and everything had to be done by hand.
      I would be there until 10 or 11 at night on school-nights.
      Then my mom would come pick me up.
      I think I made $3.75 per hour.
      I’ve hated washing dishes ever since.
      Anything to make it more enjoyable would be simply marvelous.
      Thanks for the great site! Cheers.

  33. sz says:

    So, Scrubr is good to get rid of food that stuck to pot.
    But can it also be used as a “traditional” sponge with dish detergent, e.g. to get rid of the thin reddish oily film left in the pot after a good tomato sauce?

    • sehsuan says:

      hello SZ! why don’t you give this a shot?


      in fact it works so good, i bought THREE of them – yes all for myself. 😉

      and no, the scrubr isn’t too good for tomato sauce removal, as i’d have to use a fair bit to wash the scrubr clean anyway…

    • Friedel says:

      It could be used for this, it would probably stain the scrubr, but that wouldn’t harm its functionality. I guess it depends on how much you worry about looks! We have something similar to what Sehsuan has linked to as well, even at home we use it for scrubbing hard-to-clean pots.

      • sehsuan says:


        That being said, I’ve used the scrubr on my Snow Peak titanium pot to remove what my buddy left burnt on cooking some italian pasta dish. The food tasted good, but I was shocked at the burn marks on of all things, TITANIUM. *faints*

        The scrubr was able to remove a fair bit…. but the degree of burns was bad enough that i used a pot cleaner paste to remove it at home – and my pot is now just like new.

        but yes, the scrubr is good stuff!

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