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Poll: Do you navigate with a GPS or maps?

Posted August 3rd, 2012

GPSWe’ve hosted a lot of bike tourists this summer, and we’ve been struck by just how many of them now carry a GPS.

Nearly everyone who’s come to see us has either had a stand-alone GPS unit on their handlebars, or used the GPS functionality on a smartphone to help guide the way.

We’re also navigating by GPS these days. With so many free GPS routes and country maps to download, it couldn’t be easier to plan a route. We can also find the nearest supermarket or campground at any time, and this alone saves us time and frustration.

That said, we still love a good map. There’s just something satisfying about sitting at your campsite and staring at a map to see how far you’ve come and where you’re going.

We’d love to know how you’re navigating these days. Have you gone over entirely to GPS or are you still a devoted map user? Take the poll below, or leave a comment to let us know.

How do you navigate while on a bike tour?
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Your bike touring concerns?

Posted November 27th, 2009

76-Bikes at Apamea.jpgYou have a dream. You want to ride your bike across your state, your country or even the whole world.

But along with the excitement of that dream, there are the butterflies doing loops in your stomach. What about this? What if that?

It’s normal of course to have some concerns, whether you’re an experienced bike tourist or a beginner,  and we’d like you to share them with us. Let us know what your biggest worry is by participating in the poll below. Is it dealing with traffic? Getting lost? Or something else altogether?

In a few weeks, we’ll tally up the responses and offer tips for dealing with those challenges.

Update: The poll is now complete. See what bike tourists are most concerned about.

Your top bike touring concern is….

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Started: November 25, 2009
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