10 Questions: Cycling In Denmark

denmark - bike.jpgDenmark is one of the most cycle-friendly countries in the world, so it makes a great place to go bike touring.

That’s just what Patrick and Sandra – a husband and wife team from Britain – have done twice and they’re planning to return for a third Danish bike tour.

There are just too many nice landscapes to explore, although the wind can be a little challenging, as we learn in this week’s 10 Questions. You can read more of their Danish cycling experiences as well, through their two journals: Cycle Touring Round Denmark and A Cycle Tour In Denmark.

1. You’ve been cycling in Denmark twice and plan to return. What keeps you coming back?

We’ll return in 2011 to cycle a northern loop, having done a ‘middle loop’ in 2009 and a southern loop round the islands in 2010. But that’s really just an excuse to go there again, because the cycling is prefect. Denmark is a nation where the bicycle is part of daily life, and it shows in the way cyclists are treated with unfailing courtesy and in the superb cycling infrastructure. It’s also quiet and the landscape is beautiful, with big skies, well kept fields and forests, peaceful lakes, pretty villages, and an attractive and interesting coastline.

2. Denmark has one of the best reputations as a cycle-friendly country. Does it live up to that reputation, with bike paths and other facilities for cyclists?

denmark - storebaelt bridge.jpgYes, it certainly does. You can cycle through towns and cities – including Copenhagen – without ever having to share the surface with motor vehicles, and throughout the countryside there’s the official network of national, regional, and local cycle routes, much of which is separated from the road. Junctions and roundabouts are cycle-friendly too, with priority for cyclists and a safe system of turning left (the equivalent of turning right in the UK).

3. Is there a favourite route you’d recommend?

Any route eastwards! Just joking. East is away from the prevailing wind and Denmark can be windy. Our best days have been cycling downwind across the lovely central island of Fyn, and along southern parts of Jutland and the island of Lolland. But Denmark is a fairly uniform country with no blackspots to avoid, so wind permitting, all routes are good.

We also like ferries, and there are plenty of those. A route that includes a ferry crossing is all the more enjoyable. Or a bridge – they have some fine bridges open to cyclists.

4. It’s not a big country. How long should a trip to Denmark be, at a minimum?

denmark - riding the trails.jpgActually, allowing for crossings between islands, it’s bigger than you think. Two weeks minimum. Unless you’re especially interested in Danish culture and history and plan to see monuments, galleries, and museums, that is also a maximum for one cycle tour. Our approach is to go there several times for two weeks each trip. Beautiful though it is, there isn’t so much variety. But of course, once your tour is finished, you want to go back!

5. What kind of budget should you plan on for bike touring in Denmark? Can you do it on the cheap (wild camping, for example)?

denmark - campsite.jpgWild camping is not allowed, but there are designated low-cost Nature Campsites for cyclists and walkers, with basic facilities only. We camped at commercially operated campsites approved by the Danish Camping Board. We also stayed at Danhostels and B&Bs. Depending on the standard you’re looking for, an average accommodation budget of 350-550 Danish crowns should be okay for two people.

Denmark is a rich, expensive country. Eating out isn’t cheap but there are good supermarkets, and of course there’s always Macdonald’s (open until late).

6. You experienced some wind and rain. Was this typical weather or did you just have bad luck?

We had beautiful weather in May 2009. This May’s coolness and occasional rain was untypical of what is one of the driest sunniest months of the year in Denmark, but wind is apparently a common feature of the weather all year round. We find a coolish climate is best for cycle touring. A daytime temperature of 16 degrees – typical in May – is perfect.

7. Aside from weather, were there any particular challenges that cyclists should be aware of?

denmark - bikes outside a hostel.jpgNot really. Not challenges, as such. For a densely populated western nation, Denmark is very quiet and things tend to close early, or not open at all at weekends. You might arrive in a town in the evening, for example, and not find a place to eat, or even to stay, as reception at campsites and hostels is open only during certain hours. It’s also worth noting that Danhostels are often full when you wouldn’t expect it, as they take parties of schoolchildren and students, or travelling workers wanting a cheap place to stay. Campsites fill up with caravans on public holiday weekends. If possible, book in advance.

8. Were you able to communicate reasonably well, just speaking English, or should people learn a little Danish before going?

All younger people seem to speak good English. Not so with older ones, who sometimes don’t understand a single word of it. But this is never a problem and I doubt if it’s worth spending time learning any Danish before you go, unless you happen to be interested in languages. We found all Danish people we met to be very friendly, helpful, and polite.

9. Does Denmark have a special cuisine or any famous dishes to try? And was it always easy to find a supermarket for self-catering?

denmark - breakfast.jpgDenmark is supposed to be famous for its open sandwiches, called Smørrebrød. We’re not much into cuisine though. On bicycles we tend to prefer simple regular meals with plenty of fruit. The Danes seem to like fatty foods – burgers and Hot Dogs, for example – but you’ll get a quality meal for about 130-140 Danish Crowns in a decent restaurant. There aren’t many shops between towns. You might come across a filling station selling basic food and drink, or a small local Spar grocery, but not much else. Food-wise, Denmark doesn’t compare to France or Italy.

10. What’s one thing every cyclist going to Denmark should pack in their panniers?

Definitely not a high-security D-lock. A good book to read, probably. The summer evenings are long and the nightlife almost non-existent in most Danish towns. This happens to suit us perfectly.

Thanks to Patrick for answering the questions and supplying the photos.

Need more information? Check out these helpful resources for cycling in Denmark:

  • CycleTourer – A great overview of practical considerations for cycling in Denmark.
  • Cycling In Denmark – Official Danish tourist board resources for bike tourists.

If you’d like to answer 10 questions about a favourite cycling destination, read the guidelines and then get in touch.


  1. woollypigs
    3rd July 2010 at 12:00 pm #

    I have done two small tours in DK. Being Danish we stayed at family and friends, so I can’t talk about camping.

    As it said in this post, cycling in DK is some of the best in the world, no steep hills to fear and brilliant cycle lanes, sometimes you got what looks like a full width road for yourself. Though be prepared for rain and the lovely wind, the saying goes – In Denmark the wind is our mountains. So if you can travel west to east if possible.

    I too was cycling in May 2009 in Denmark and it was wonderful, light wind, blue skies and spring had sprung.

    One tip : If you should be taking a train with your bicycles, do remember to book a ticket for the bicycle when you are getting the tickets. A bicycle is just like a person on the trains and people will move away if they are sitting in a bicycle rack, so that you can park your bike. And as everywhere else do try to avoid busy times when doing a train journey with your bicycle.


    If you can do go and try out the Danish Hotdogs “risted hotdog med det hele” best food ever, but then again I’m Danish 🙂

  2. tschitschi
    11th July 2010 at 9:34 pm #

    I agree that one of the nicest thing when cycling in Denmark is the many possibilities of crossing water – crossing some major bridges (such as Dronning Alexandrines Bro and Storstrømsbroen) or taking the ferry from one island to the next (from small Bogø to the neighbouring island of Falster for example) are definitly among the most fun part of biking in Southeastern Denmark!

  3. Emma
    12th July 2010 at 9:46 am #

    I have just come back from my 1st cycle tour. We chose Denmark and mostly used the Nature sites mentioned in the article. There is a book that you can purchase that gives these sites – it is very well worth getting hold of even though it only comes in Danish. (http://www.teltpladser.dk/brugere.htm)

    There are 2 types of ‘tent’ sites.
    The first are on the whole the equivalent of wild camping and free but at designated places. They can have anything from shelters, campfires, showers, water toilets and a stand pipe, to no water or toilets. They are always clean and the people if you meet any there are always friendly. At point to note is that most churches with cemetories will have a stand pipe which allows you to fill up with water, and at one place we stayed, it was marked as having water, when there was none on site becuase there was a church 500m away. Some of these free sites are in Nature Schools/Outdoor centres – the 2 we used were great, one even had free hot showers.
    The other type of ‘tent’ site are in people’s ‘gardens’/land. We only used one of these, but it was excellent. It cost 25 Kroner per person per night (about £3) and had covered eating area, kitchen, showers and toilets.

    We enjoyed every minute of the 1,124km we cycled in Denmark in the 13 days we had, and say far more of the country that we would have done otherwise. When we had a problem with one of the bikes, the Danish people were amazingly helpful, one even offered to drive us and our bikes to the nearest bike shop – we could not have asked for more, and I would thoroughly recommend it.

    If you do consider the Nature sites (Tent sites) consider taking a mossie net, it will allow you to use the wood shelters that are in them without getting eaten – though we only had issues with this at 1 site, it is now on our list of a must have item.

  4. sabina
    9th March 2012 at 9:24 pm #

    Hi, I just wanted to know if it is easy to cross from island to island with your bike? What transportation should I use, Train? Ferry? Bus?
    And also, where is the cheapest and easiest way to cross from Denmark to Germany?

  5. woollypigs
    9th March 2012 at 9:47 pm #

    Every ferry we took, there will be space for you and your bike. It is not that expensive and they take at most 30-50minutes. You get on last and park your bike next to the cars and then you get off last, though sometimes first, depending on the ferry. Quite a few islands are joined by bridges, but watch out they can be windy to cross.

    Where in Germany are you planing to go, you can cycle across the border from Denmark to Germany. Cycle along the border on the “Gendarm stien”, can be a bit rough at times, but stunning in the spring or summer.

    There is also a few ferries that cross the waters, between Denmark and Germany.

  6. Robert McCann
    12th March 2014 at 10:07 am #

    We are planning a self contained bike touring trip in August 2014. We have contacted about 10 bike rental sites in Denmark, looking for a touring tandem. We have found none. It looks like they rent mostly 3-7 speed bikes with cross type handle bars and nowhere to mount front panniers.

  7. Sick Boy
    11th January 2016 at 4:57 pm #

    Others seem to just take for granted when something is set off limits by law up there, but I have to ask:

    Why is Storebæltsbroen off limits for bikers?

    Golden Gate Bridge isn’t, Patras Bridge isn’t and they are both huge pieces of engineering, and possibly dangerous because of winds and vibrations and all. But still they are open for cycling, no problem. And no fatalities, either!

    Storebæltsbroen has a service lane which cars don’t use. Why is it such a problem to allow bikes through there? If anyone can shed a light, I’d appreciate it very much.

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