Cycling Uzbekistan

A bread seller on his bicycleUzbekistan contains some of Central Asia’s best sights including the famous Silk Road cities of Bukhara and Samarqand where it’s easy to gaze upwards in awe at tiled mosques and pack your panniers with souvenirs from the bustling bazaars.

On a bicycle, you’ll find Uzbekistan’s people well versed in the tradition of hospitality towards visitors, welcoming you with big smiles and even invitations to spend the night. And since the terrain isn’t as rigourous as in Tajikistan or Kyrgyzstan, you’ll have plenty of time to linger over a tea or beer in the many cafes.

Many travellers stop in the capital Tashkent to pick up more Central Asian visas.

The frustrating part of cycling in Uzbekistan is the bureaucracy. You must register at a hotel every 72 hours or run the risk of a large fine when you leave. You won’t necessarily get checked (many people pass through with gaps on their record) but if you do the cost starts at $120 U.S. and we heard of fines of over $300 U.S. See more on visas and registration.

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