43km – Lauterbourg, France – Baden-Baden, Germany

Waking up in our French campground, we headed towards Baden-Baden, a fairly short journey. Baden-Baden is a spa town which we’ve spent some time in before. We journied along the tip of north-east France, and eventually took the first crossing back into Germany. After getting into the town, we found the information office, and found our way to the youth hostel, hoping to get a room, and waited for it to open. We spent some time there in the hope of a room and managed to get some photo-editing and journals written, but after 3 hours of waiting and despite a sign saying they had beds, at 3:30pm they told us they were full. Eventually, we did find a hotel and settled in. We then went to the spa, for a couple hours of relaxing of the muscles, €12 well spent.


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