Chain-L: A Sticky, Smelly & Highly Effective Lube

Applying Chain-L OilWith over 60,000km under our wheels, we’ve gone through a few bottles of chain lube.

Our favourite up until a few months ago was Finish Line lube (available from REI and Wiggle).

Finish Line is decent enough when freshly applied but disappears after a few hours of rain. Even in dry weather, our chains need regular cleaning and re-lubing to keep everything running smoothly.

Then we heard about Chain-L. It gets raving reviews online and makes some big promises, like 1,000 miles between applications. We ordered a few bottles and distributed them among our friends.

Several months later and the results are in. Everyone who tried it was impressed by how the Chain-L lube performed – once they got past its potent smell. This stuff doesn’t just lube your chain; it can clear your sinuses as well!

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