15km to nowhere….

Humm it might rainThe day started out promising enough, with clearing skies after a bit of rain in the early hours of the morning. We weren’t on the road long though, heading away from Agdz, when dark clouds started to thunder around us, complete with the occasional bolt of lightening.

It’s a bit worrying to be out riding on two big pieces of metal! But we took comfort from the fact that the worst of the storm was still some distance away and we weren’t the tallest things around.

We tried to press on in the wind and rain but when your shoes start making a wet squishy sound it’s time to find a ‘plan b’. We sheltered under some palm trees for a few minutes but soon drops of water started hitting our heads so we decided to pitch the tent.

Three hours later we were still sitting inside our tent, waiting for the rain to stop. By this time it was pretty clear that we weren’t going far so we moved the tent a few meters to hide ourselves better from the nearby road and settled in for an afternoon of reading. Happily for us we’d stocked up on food and water in Agdz so we were pretty comfortable, if a little frustrated at losing a day. Finally around 4pm the rain stopped and we did at least enjoy a beautiful sunset.

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