Dutch Bike Stamps… Wowee!

Only in Holland...

We think it says something about the Dutch and their obsession with bikes that today we went to the post office to mail some Thank You cards and found the perfect stamp…

If someone had tried to make a stamp for us, it couldn’t have been more ideal. Two globes for wheels and even a rack on the back. A country that values bicycle touring enough to put it on a stamp – we like this place already! We were so impressed with the stamp, that we didn’t mind waiting 20 minutes to buy a few. About 30 people were in the line ahead of us, an it’s not even Christmas yet…

fietsfabriek-stamp_0_0Of course this isn’t the first bicycle stamp to come out of the Netherlands. In 2007 a stamp featured the Bakfiets – a special cargo bicycle, most often used to carry kids and groceries. You see them everywhere here and if you’re 4 years old, it seems like a luxurious way to travel.

Have you seen any bicycle stamps where you are? Send us a picture and we’ll share them here.


  1. Travis A. Wittwer
    30th May 2010 at 9:44 pm #

    Fun post. Is there a way to get some of these stamps to the US? Want to send me a letter?

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