28km Oulad Salmane to Safi

Goats grazing outside SafiThe sun started shining into our tent about 7am, waking us up, but our camping spot just by the sea was quite cold, only 5°C as we got up to make the coffee. Kristian has a little thermometer with him, and this was the coldest morning in quite a while. Normally the nights are closer to 10°C or even 15°C. After packing up the tent and bikes we carried on alone, while Kristian stayed to fish at a perfect spot he’d found on some nearby cliffs. We had a fairly easy ride into Safi, the only ugly patch being the many phosphorus factories just outside the city. They were puffing out smoke and the pollution made it hard to breathe and our eyes burned. We later went to visit friends in Safi, who told us there are many illnesses here as a result of the dirty chemical plants.


  1. friedel
    11th March 2007 at 11:54 am #

    Road notes: Safi is an easy city to enter, with no big roads or aggressive traffic to tackle. Just get your gas mask out for the 3km stretch through the factories. The old medina is down by the sea (do not follow the signs for “centre ville”) and we found the Hotel d’Honneur by one of the medina entrances a good place to stay. It was 60DH for a double room that was clean and bright, although without shower or toilet.

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