Walk, walk, walk in Budapest

Saturday crowds in BudapestBudapest panoramaWe walked our socks off in Budapest on Saturday but before we trotted all over the city we started the civilised way with a couple hours at the Széchenyi Medicinal Bath — the largest one in Europe and also the warmest in Budapest. Heaven! After being soaked and pampered, we then hit the streets, first walking down the world heritage site of Andrassy Avenue. So many beautiful and rather large homes and embassies line the street, which was designed after French boulevards. We meandered our way down to the Danube and through the castle district, where we enjoyed a great view over the river. The city was absolutely packed with tourists  — even more so than usual since there was a French street fair on for Bastille Day — but we did manage to find some quiet back streets with cute shops and always gorgeous buildings, particularly the churches. Today we’re going to do some shopping to get a few things we need for the rest of our trip and we’re going to check out a Chinese market nearby our campground.


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