34km Wallgau to Seefeld

Stuck in a tentThe pitter patter of rain falling on our tent woke us up this morning, just as it carried us off to sleep the night before. Usually the weather clears before long though, so we packed up all our bags, had our breakfast and started getting the bikes ready. Just as we were about to start taking down the tent, the skies opened and we crept back inside our shelter. We sat there for well over an hour and still the rain poured down. There was really nothing to do but to make a break for it so we dressed up in all our waterproof clothes and made a dash outside, pulling the tent down as quickly as possible and then pushing on down the road with water dripping down our noses. We saw a few other crazy cyclists out in the wet, but mostly we had the trails and roads to ourselves. On these cold, soggy days we try to make lots of stops so we first went for coffee, then groceries and to the tourist bureau. Every few minutes in the warm and dry is a boost to the morale. Our spirits got a real dash, however, when we checked the weather: four straight days of rain are in the forecast. It could be a wet week ahead! We did get the occasional break in the rain but mostly it kept true to the prediction. Wet, wet, wet. By the time we reached the mountain resort town of Seefeld we were fed up, tired and grumpy. With our tent soaked, we thought a campsite with a hot shower might be just the ticket. There’s only one in Seefeld and it’s a ritzy spot with prices to match but when the campsite comes with a sauna and heated TV room we can relax and eat meals in, it’s worth it.


  1. andrew
    14th August 2007 at 10:53 am #

    Road notes: The Isar radweg runs until Mittenwald and then it seems to end, or at least we lost the signs for it completely. We hit Route 2 towards Innsbruck, which was a very busy road with a steady stream of traffic rushing towards Innsbruck and no shoulder for us ride on. Perhaps the Via Claudia, going via Fussen and west of Innsbruck, would have been a better bicycle route but we would have needed to change our course much earlier. We did find a forest route for the last few kilometers into Seefeld and it was traffic-free but also hard work with lots of gravel paths and hills.

    What we spent: €22 groceries, €3.40 coffee

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