10 Questions: Bike Touring In France

france1In the summer of 2009, friends Richard & Kevin set out on a 40-day bike tour around France.

Now they’re answering 10 Questions about the trip that took them in a U-shaped pattern around the edge of France, first past the surfing beaches and vineyards of Western France, then along the Pyrenees mountains, along the Mediterranean coastline and back north towards Grenoble and Strasbourg.

“The trip was life changing, we’ve vowed to cycle the world in the next few years, it’s the best thing we’ve ever done,” Richard wrote.

Read 10 Questions: Cycling In France to see what advice, tips and experiences Richard & Kevin have to share.


  1. Wink
    11th May 2012 at 12:04 pm #

    Hi I really enjoyed reading yr bike tour experience in France! Actually I m in France now n will start my first ever bike trip in Provence 3 days later. I ll be camping to save cost, but really concern how do I get the information or address of camp site every night? Or, i can get the list n map fro
    Tourist office in Avignon? How about stealth camping? Have u cycled in Provence? Where will you recommend me to go or camp? N, how do you solve water problem as I do not see many fountains so far in France as much as in Italy. I did 1 full day cycling for a trial ride in giverny, did 60km in 5 hrs, n felt quite lonely as whole day I saw no one except cars passing by… Not sure if u had such feeling…

    Anyway will be greatly appreciated if u could advise me the above camping n water concerns very soon… I m a bit nervous now (I ll do a 2-week bike tour for your info)

    A single gal from HK

  2. Wink
    11th May 2012 at 12:07 pm #

    Sorry last question… Is it easy to get the camping gas in Provence such as big cities like Avignon?

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