10 Questions: Bike Touring From Canada To Mexico

fogcoveringtheocean.jpgBetween Canada and the Mexican border is one of the world’s most beautiful roads for bicycle touring: the Pacific Coast Highway.

It takes in amazing ocean views, lush forests, fantastic facilities for cyclists and cities like Vancouver and San Francisco.

In 2008, one bike tourist cycling this route was Dan. In this edition of 10 Questions, he shares tips and experiences learned during this 2,750km route. You’ll have to work hard on the hills, but there are plenty of rewards as well.

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  1. hugh williams
    18th January 2015 at 1:42 am #

    Sounds a great route! In 2013 cycled from Seville to Santiago then 2014 from France to Santiago. As i had walked the latter route several times it was less of an adventure. The bike i used was a very small wheeled folding bike a mezzo 9. My age 69 – 70.
    As the routes have many hostels equipment can be kept to minimum. no camping things needed –some walkers and bike riders send vast amounts ahead each day by taxis or employ “back up”while following the easy main roads. With light loads i carried my bike(the BOLT*) over rivers and rocky trails. * a nut was holding the handle bars.

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