Bike Touring Survival Guide Reviews

Bike Touring Survival GuideMany bike tourists have reviewed and commented on our Bike Touring Survival Guide, since it was published in April 2011.

Here are some of the reviews that have been published online, as well as comments that we’ve received by email or on the blog.

Everything a bicycle tourist could possibly want is in there, and all of it well-written, well researched, well thought-out, practical, neatly ordered and nicely presented. The style is conversational, and the authors have managed to pitch it so that anybody, from rank beginners to sinewy sun-bronzed hard-cases who’ve been on the road for years, can get something out of it. –Roff Smith

Round-the-world cyclists, Friedel and Andrew have written a delightful handbook on preparing for — and enjoying to the fullest — the grand adventure that bicycle travel can be. They cover a wide range of topics, from getting ready, the logistics of a day on the bike, and international travel considerations, to gear suggestions with a ready-made FAQ and tips on wild camping…. I recommend picking up this book. It’s a solid guide to getting yourself launched on the bicycle tour of your dreams. –Adventure Cycling Association

All the topics are covered with ease and the Bike Touring Survival Guide leaves no stone unturned. Many of the topics covered could clearly have only come after years of bike touring… If you’ve ever thought about doing a bike tour but you are struggling with the logistics or want to hear from people who’ve been there and done it before then I strongly recommend taking a look. –London Cyclist

I am very pleased to have purchased my copy of The Bike Touring Survival Guide. For £20 it would have been very good value: for the €5 demanded it is a cracking good buy. Over two-hundred pages of distilled experience in a well-presented and lavishly illustrated, weightless package – surely, the cycle tourers dream pre-planning manual. –Spoke2Spoke

Friedel & Andrew’s The Bike Touring Survival Guide is an excellent introduction, chock full of encouragement and helpful information for loaded bike touring inexpensively in North America and around the world. Women will especially appreciate very practical information on some of the hygiene and cultural challenges you might face while on the road. Gadget freaks can appreciate advice on the care and feeding of technology while cycling way off the beaten path. Your obsessive compulsive left brain can make use of checklists and HOWTOs, while your right brain gets drawn into the engaging, conversational writing. –Cyclelicious

This book’s got soul! I’d recommend it to anyone setting out on the road to get the best ‘feel’ for what life on the road is like. -Stephen Lord, author of the Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook

It’s a well-presented book that’s simple in design and easy to navigate, and one that uses photographs and diagrams to full effect. It’s also well-written and professionally edited, something that can’t be said for all self-published books. And while cost really shouldn’t be a factor in judging how good a book is, the price – just €5 to get it on your Kindle or for an old-fashioned downloadable PDF – is hard to ignore. It’s an excellent investment because the tips and advice within its (electronic) covers are likely to save the average cyclist more than the cover price over the duration of a cycle tour. – Freewheeling France

An amazing amount of information packed into one little e-book. At €5 a pop, it’s a real bargain. -Amaya Williams, World Biking

One need not be a long-distance cyclist to enjoy this book, it is enough that you just might like to take a ride sometime in the future. The book works well as both inspiration and help in practical situations (equipment selection etc.). –Trygve Pløhn (translated from Norwegian)

Having downloaded your book and devoured it, as well as all the great info on your site I am drunk with wanderlust. I want to sell everything I own and take off tomorrow! The greatest thing that I got from you guys is that there is no reason to fear other lands and other cultures because we are all the same. Thanks guys! – Craig Turner

Excellent mix of anecdotes and useful detail, which means it’s not just a dry manual. Liked the ‘here’s what worked for us and others’ attitude, rather than ‘thou shalt’. Bargain for €5. –Graeme

Written for the world traveller, but equally good for the weekend cycle tourist and even useful for the day trip cyclist. With things like how to cope with a flat tire when you have no puncture repair kit or spare tube. It is full of information that can only be found out by people who have been actually been on a world tour, and this book is full of tips and advice. I’ve been around the world 3 times, never by bike yet, but I still picked up tips on travelling in general. This is one book I will keep on my kindle when I set off by bicycle next year. A great book and well worth the price, I know having just read it that I have already saved the price of the book with tips that will save me a lot more than the cost of the book. -Jerry Connor

This book is awesome! I have read so many ‘intro to touring’ books and they’ve all been the same, summaries on how to find the bike, find the gear, learn how to bike. Your book has gotten into the logistics that others haven’t like a detailed description on where to stay, how to save for the trip and getting along with everyone along the way. I also appreciated the chapter for ladies only, electronics, and going solo. It gave me some confidence to just go for it!! -Evy Schiers