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Winners Of The Biciklo Guide To Cycling Tours

Posted July 22nd, 2011

Biciklo GuideEarlier this week, we asked you to share a tip for your chance to win a PDF copy of the Biciklo Guide To Cycling Tours.

Dozens of you did just that, and there were some really great suggestions (you can read them all here).

After some debate, we picked out this tip from Hana Black (check out her beautiful photos of Southeast Asia!), as one that we personally liked.

Hana Black's Tip

And we used a random number picker, to choose Bob Schilling as our second winner.

Bob Shilling's Tip

Thanks to everyone for entering, and for sharing your tips!

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Win A Guide To Cycling Tours Around The World

Posted July 19th, 2011

Update: The contest is now closed, and you can find out who won.

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for your next bike tour, enter our contest to win a PDF copy of the Biciklo Guide To Cycling Tours Around The World.

We had a chance earlier this month to check out the 2011 edition, and we really enjoyed the stories about cycling in Mongolia and Italy.

There are also helpful tips on getting started with bike touring, taking your kids along for the ride and packing your bike for a flight.

We’ve got 2 copies of the guide to give away (worth $25 U.S. if you buy it online).

Want to win? It’s easy!

Just leave a comment and share a bike touring tip that you think would help others out. It could be a piece of gear that you really like to take along, a story about how you’ve dealt with a challenge or a tip on the routines of touring.

You can enter anytime between now and Thursday evening (European time). We’ll announce the winners on Friday. Good luck!

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2 Day Special: Buy A Book, Help A Cyclist

Posted July 17th, 2011

Update: Thanks to the 48 people who bought books through our site. We’ve transfered €240 to Pete, to help with his expenses for replacement gear. We’ll also be sending a free copy of the book to everyone who donated to Pete directly on these 2 days, as soon as he passes their emails on to us. Happy reading everyone, and thanks for being part of a great bike touring community.

Pete Gostelow in TibetWorld bike tourist Peter Gostelow was recently robbed of almost all his possessions, while cycling through Kenya.

Nearly everything, except his bicycle, is gone. This includes his laptop, camera, bike tools, and even his tent poles.

Obviously, that’s going to make it pretty tough for Pete to carry on to South Africa, and since we’ve really enjoyed Pete’s photos and journal entries, we want him to carry on. So, for the next 2 days, we’re offering a special deal.

Spend €5 (about $7 U.S.) on our Bike Touring Survival Guide today, Sunday, July 17th, or tomorrow, Monday, July 18th, and we’ll pass all the money along to Pete.

Or, donate to Pete directly on these 2 days and he’ll pass your email on to us, so we can send you a free copy (you’ll see a PayPal button at the bottom of this post).

Let’s see how much money we can raise, to help get this cyclist back on the road!

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Scrubr & Trekr Winners!

Posted June 17th, 2011

ScrubrEarlier this week, we reviewed the Scrubr dishcloth, and held a contest to win one of 2 Scrubr dishcloths as well as a Trekr facecloth.

We’ve drawn some names using Random.org and the winners are….


Tine Vanhee Tine and Wim are leaving their home in Belgium in July for a 1-year bicycle trip. They’ve already done quite a lot of bike touring, and you can see some photos on their Moving Around website.

Vicky G. (aka Peli) – Vicky is one half of the Woolly Pigs bicycle touring duo. They’re currently bike touring in Denmark.


Seth – Here’s someone with an amazing adventure planned: “I’m starting a two year tour of mexico using only unpaved roads on a very small budget. No eating at restaurants for me! This would make cleanup bearable!!”  Seth has already named his bicycle for the trip. It’s called Passepartout.

Good luck, Seth! We’re sending a Trekr your way.

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Keep Your Camping Dishes Clean With Scrubr: Review & Contest!

Posted June 13th, 2011

Scrubr DishclothIt’s hard to work up a lot of enthusiasm for a dishcloth but compared to the disgusting sponges we end up with after a few weeks of bike touring, the Scrubr is a dream.

What makes it different from any other dishcloth?

For a start, this abrasive little piece of nylon and polyester does what it claims. It scrubs away food efficiently, while resisting odors and being easy to clean. That alone is a big improvement over normal kitchen scourers, which get grotty and stinky pretty quickly, in our experience.

It also weighs just 7 grams, and dries completely in just minutes. Even on a cloudy day, it’s dry in less than 5 minutes.

Best of all, the Scrubr costs just $3 U.S.

We tested the Scrubr out extensively at home and were entirely impressed. We thought the Scrubr should get a bike touring workout too, so we gave one to Paula & Rik a few weeks ago and asked for their honest opinion. They said:

“It is nothing short of brilliant. The slight texture of the weave is enough to give the non-stick pans a scrub without damaging the finish, and I’ve given them quite a scrub! I’ve found that food scraps can get caught in the weave but a brief scrub at the end of the wash is enough to remove them. The little elastic loop is perfect for hanging the cloth to dry from a handlebar and it dries in no time. All in all, a top product and we both love using it.”

The company that makes the Scrubr also offers a washcloth called the Trekr. It’s slightly bigger and less abrasive, and the idea is that it’s great for washing off sunscreen and road dirt after a long day of cycling. Since we’ve never carried a facecloth with us on a bike tour (we just splash soapy water over our faces), we’re less convinced of the Trekr’s usefulness but you might find it intriguing.

Both the Scrubr and the Trekr are available from Lunatec, or Amazon carries a 2-pack of the Scrubr and a 2-pack of the Trekr.

*** Win A Scrubr or Trekr! ***

Update: The contest is closed. Look here for the winners.

Lucky you! Lunatec gave us 2 Scrubrs and a Trekr to give away. Want to win one?

Just leave a comment and tell us why you’d like to win one. Enter by 5pm on Thursday, June 16th (European time). We’ll announce the winners on Friday.