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10 Questions: Biking Across Canada

Posted January 29th, 2010

km1000Canadian couple Scott & Becky left their home in Ottawa in 2008 to cycle around the world on recumbent bicycles.

As part of their 16 month trip, they biked all the way across Canada, including remote stretches in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Scott & Becky tell us about the highlights of their route across Canada, including seeing bear and moose in the west, meeting friendly people in the prairies and enjoying great value B&Bs in the east, all in this week’s 10 Questions: Cycling Across Canada.

And don’t forget to check out Scott & Becky’s blog, Going East – a journal of a trip not just across Canada but around the world, without using airplanes.

If you’d like to answer 10 questions about a favourite cycling destination, read the guidelines and then get in touch.

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Show 30: Kettle Valley Rail Trail

Posted December 21st, 2009

kearsleyfamilyMike Kearsley is our guest this week, talking to us about a trip on British Columbia’s Kettle Valley Railway with his wife, daughter and family dog.

We also touch on a new and exciting bike wheel from MIT and my favourite bike blog of the week. Listen in and start planning next year’s tour as you’re cooking the Christmas turkey.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Show Notes:

And check out this Bikely map of the Carmi Subdivision, the section of the Kettle Valley Railway that Mike and his family biked:

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CBC Radio Interview

Posted September 27th, 2009

CBC Radio in New Brunswick asked for an interview about our trip. It aired on Shift, the drive home show. We’ve recorded and uploaded it here so you can listen in.


An Epilogue

Posted September 18th, 2009

672km St. Bruno to Rimouski

Our circuit around the world ends in St. Bruno but the next morning, after Michael has gone to work, we carry on as if nothing has changed at all.

Hurrah! What fun we've had!We eat our breakfast of cereal and fruit, lug our bags downstairs and load them on the bikes like we’ve done a thousand times before. I take a moment to examine the fraying bag that sits across my back two panniers, the one that has held our sleeping mats for months now. I wonder how it’s ever held out this long. This one bag, more than anything else we’re carrying, really looks like it’s gone around the world. Maybe it will stay intact just a little longer.

My thoughts are broken by Andrew handing me some sunscreen. We make the last checks of our bikes and gear, drop in a few cubes of ice from Michael’s freezer into our water bottles, give each other a kiss and head out under a surprisingly intense September sun.

Our loop is already completed but we’re continuing to cycle because, just like a runaway truck going down a steep hill, a strong sense of momentum pushes us onwards. We have been continually moving forward for 3 years now and it’s so incredibly hard to even contemplate putting on the brakes. More than anything we need time: time to digest all those special places and kilometres riding in our wake and time to consider what will come next. (more…)

Thank you! And a peek into the past

Posted September 14th, 2009


We are truly overwhelmed at all the kind comments that have come our way in the past few days since we posted about finishing our circle around the globe. We feel so lucky to have made friends — virtually and face-to-face — through so many people because of that wonderful thing called the internet.

Your words have encouraged us countless times on the road and now again as we face that scary thing called reintegration. A massive THANK YOU to everyone who’s followed us this far.

As for what’s next, we’re not quite ready to say yet. We have a million ideas and every day is a case of ‘let’s do this!’ and then ‘no, let’s do that instead!’ but when the time is right, we’ll let you all know where the TravellingTwo are off to next. This website will not fall dormant. We have a redesign planned, about 100 new things we’d like to add and we just have to find the extra hours and internet time to do it all! Oh, and did we mention we’re off to Germany for a family vacation in October?

DSC_0016.JPGUntil that flight to Europe (you know you’re hooked on travel when you think you need a vacation from your vacation), we’re going to soak up our last few days of cycling along the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, over some reportedly very big hills but with a bowl of excellent clam chowder awaiting us about 4 days down the road. The weather is great for September and we’re going to enjoy every moment of beautiful riding.

As for you, maybe you’d enjoy a little look back at one of the more challenging and colourful weeks of our trip in a ‘Week in the Life Of’ column that we wrote for our friend Nora and her Professional Hobo website. Learn what happened when we froze during cold nights in Syria and how we almost didn’t recover our bank card from a Turkish ATM: A Week in the Life of Friedel & Andrew