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CBC Radio Interview

Posted September 27th, 2009

CBC Radio in New Brunswick asked for an interview about our trip. It aired on Shift, the drive home show. We’ve recorded and uploaded it here so you can listen in.


Jayme & Donald`s Wedding

Posted October 8th, 2006

dsc_5982clone.jpgCongratulations to our good friends, Jayme & Donald. They had a beautiful wedding this weekend in the Miramichi and everything worked out perfectly — beautiful weather, a beautiful wedding and a beautiful couple. We took a lot of pictures and are putting them all up in an album on the site for family and friends. Please feel free to take any photos you like for your albums. If you want to get them printed, you`ll see an option when you click on a photo to view it in full size. Any questions, just ask us. Congrats again, Jayme & Don.

125km New Glasgow, PEI – Sackville

Posted October 1st, 2006

Getting a early start to the day we headed back to the catch the trail, stopping at a local bakery for some snacks and a quick coffee. Once on the trail we started to make good time, stopping and meeting a trail warden, who we interviewed.

After finnally getting back to Borden, and across the bridge, which cost 8$ to cross with a bike each. Having left my helmet on the shuttle, we needed to wait for the return shuttle. This did delay our leaving, Cape Jourimain.

Having not totally enjoyed the trip to the Bridge, on the outward leg, we decided to take a different return route back. Up to Shemogue on the coastal route, then headed on the back roads to Sackville via Midgic. We rolled up, as it was just getting dark. A very long day; and the furthest day we’ve done to this point.

Our First Podcast

Posted September 27th, 2006

Announcing…. our first podcast! We recorded this at our wild camping spot, just outside of Sussex NB, thus the sound of the wind in the trees and other noises not found in a studio. In it, we talk a bit about our trip as well as some of the things we learned packing up our bicycles for air transport. We also share a couple interviews with friends Chris Wills and Michael Smith, who talk about their trips by bicycle. Both interviews were recorded in London’s Canary Wharf, just before we left the country. We hope you enjoy this little show from the road, and plan to share more with you soon, including interviews with a couple cyclists we met on the road during our trip from Montreal, Quebec to Sackville, New Brunswick. If you have any feedback, please let us know as we’re very much learning as we go.


We’re home in Sackville: First Stage Complete

Posted September 26th, 2006

Bike in the sunshineWe’re home! Actually, we arrived in Sackville on Sunday night, but have taken a few days to rest up before updating the site. Our good luck with the weather continued right to the end. Okay, it got a touch chillier and we had a smattering of rain, but nothing too harsh and overall we really couldn’t complain. We spent two of our last four nights wild camping, once in Cambridge Narrows and another time in Knightsville, outside Sussex, so we were glad to reach Riverview on Saturday, where the Clements family kindly put us up for the night and then Sackville, where we’ll be for a few weeks. We’re waiting for the things we shipped from England to arrive here and also have a wedding to attend, before heading back to London in mid-October and continuing on with our journey. Hopefully we’ll have a podcast for you soon. We’re working on it, but the inevitable ‘technical difficulties’ are delaying things.

In the meantime, we did have our ’10 minutes of fame’ by being interviewed on CBC Radio’s NB afternoon show and you can listen to that interview. the CBC’s the Shift has removed the Stream from there system, thankfully we have a copy which you can listen to below.