CBC Radio Interview

September 27th, 2009 5 comments

CBC Radio in New Brunswick asked for an interview about our trip. It aired on Shift, the drive home show. We’ve recorded and uploaded it here so you can listen in.

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4 Responses to “CBC Radio Interview”

  1. Bergy says:

    Great interview Friedel – Welcome back to the Ugh real world! Cheers Bergy

  2. Leslie Prince says:

    Great interview Friedel. Can’t wait for the book!

  3. Marie says:

    I’m with Leslie, Freidel and Andrew! Great interview! Can’t wait to see what comes next and also to read your book, so get correlating and writing!!! xxoo

  4. Ann Wilson says:

    Great interview. It’s given me more of a shove to get that Iranian visa before I leave Turkey.


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