Chapter 11: Answers To Common Questions About Buying A Touring Bike

Everyone’s journey, and the way they go about it, is unique – stamped with their own interests and flavour. My mountain-bike inspired setup reflects the fact I like to ride dirt roads as much as possible, both to escape the hectic traffic that plies the modern highway, and for the simple joy of weaving my way down a quiet and remote backcountry trail. – Cass Gilbert

There are some questions that every new bike tourist seems to have on their mind when picking out a touring bike. Here are our thoughts on some of the most common questions.

Buying A Bike? Here are answers to your questions.

1. Steel or Aluminium Frame?
2. Good Wheels For Touring?
3. Disc Brakes or Rim Brakes? Mechanical or Hydraulic?
4. Can I Tour With Suspension Forks?
5. What Gears Do I Need?