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Sit down and readThink of this as our ‘food for thought’ section, with articles designed to make you want to get out there and bike tour.

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Bike Touring Mistakes To Avoid

Think back. Think waaaaaay back, to the day you first tried to ride a bike. Remember that? Think about how hard it was to stay upright, trying time and time again to find your balance until finally, hours or even days later, someone finally let go and you wobbled off into the world. Bike touring […] Read More »

7 Steps To Make Your Bike Touring Dreams A Reality

The hardest part of doing a bike tour is getting out the front door. There’s always a ‘but’ that seems to be stopping you from actually following through on your dreams. Here we list some simple steps that can help you turn your bike touring dreams into reality. Read More »

10 Places to Ride Your Bike Before You Die

Life is short and the world is big so here is our list of 10 places you simply have to see from the saddle of your bicycle before your knees get too creaky to turn those pedals. Is it a complete list? Of course not. But it’s a pretty good start. Let us know when […] Read More »

3 Great Long Distance Bike Paths

A well done bike path is a wonderful thing. Families can let the kids cycle ahead, without worrying about traffic. Map-challenged cyclists don’t have to worry about navigation. Bike touring newbies can relax, knowing that trailside communities will provide plenty of water, food and accommodation. Here are 3 great bike paths we’ve had the pleasure […] Read More »

Make Cycle Touring Look Good On Your CV

“Now you’ve gone and done it!” That’s what I imagined my mother saying when I quit my well-paying, secure job to go around the world on a bicycle. My mother passed away several years ago so she wasn’t actually there to say this to me but if she had been alive, I’m sure I would […] Read More »

The World’s 10 Best Bike Tours?

A little over a year ago, we wrote about 10 Places To Ride Your Bike Before You Die – a list of the favourite places we’ve been on our bicycles. Now, we’ve come up with 10 more dream bike tours – our own personal list of the top places we’d like to go next. Read More »

A List of Inspiring Family Bicycle Tourists

A few days ago on Twitter, someone asked us which sites to check out for information about bicycle touring with kids. We thought for a few minutes, and then we realised just how many great families are out there pedalling around. Here are some of our favourite family bike touring blogs. Read More »

Cycling Eurovelo 6 From Switzerland To France

Eurovelo 6 is a 4,000km long bicycle route that runs from the Atlantic Ocean in France to the Black Sea and follows 3 of the largest rivers in Europe: the Loire, Rhine and Danube. David Piper recently returned from a ride along part of Eurovelo 6. In this guest post, he describes the route and […] Read More »

Inspiration To Take Your First Bicycle Tour

So, you like the idea of cycle touring but you’ve never done it before. You’re not in shape. The last time you rode your bike you were 5 years old. And let’s face it, your legs just aren’t what they used to be. With all these things in your mind, it’s easy to think: “Bicycle […] Read More »

Tips For Better Bike Touring Photos

When you first start cycling, it can seem hard to take good bike touring photos. Too many of us have returned home with dull photos that show little more than empty roads and hardly reflect the exciting trip we remember. Andrew & I should know because our first year of bike touring photography was hardly […] Read More »


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