Bike Touring Resources

210-Bikes and Queen Charlotte Sounds.JPGSo many bike tours to take, so many questions to ask!

In this section, we talk about all aspects of bicycle touring. Learn about:

  • Countries – All about routes, visas, culture and costs for places we’ve cycled
  • Bike Touring Basics – Picking out a bike, what to budget and how to save up for your dream tour
  • Challenges – Dealing with adversity, from aggressive dogs to testing terrain

There’s plenty more as well. Start with one of these sections…

  • TOURING BASICS: What kind of bike to buy, what bike touring costs and budgeting for your dream tour.
  • PLANNING: Think about things like money, insurance and route planning before you hit the road.
  • CHALLENGES: How to deal with tough situations like aggressive dogs and cycling in mountains.
  • CAMPING TIPS: Tents for bike touring, free camping and gear like stoves and sleeping mats.
  • 10 QUESTIONS: Bike tourists share information and advice on their favourite biking destinations.
  • TOOLS & GEAR: Equipment lists, tools you need and accessories like shoes, pedals and panniers.
  • WIRED BIKING: All about the technology, from building a website to taking a laptop along for the ride.
  • FEATURE STORIES: Inspiring and funny articles about bike touring and bike tourists.
  • HEALTHY BIKING: Eating well, your first-aid kit, insurance and tips specific to female cyclists.

Don’t see what you want? Write us and ask a question or suggest an idea for an article.

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